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Communicate your building project's integrational workflow to it's stakeholders and test your design demands.

The BuildingExperience creates an immersive model in a real world environment. Hear your footsteps on the shiny floor or see how the setting sun looks through your windows. Together with others you can test, analyze and work inside your digital twin based on your BIM models to be always on top of your demands.

More effective decision processes by showcasing your building to test and analyze your design together. Within your team or with the inhabitants of your buildings neighborhood. Create an interactive space for user feedback.

Different cases studies

The BuildingCloud's Experience unlocks your potential and gives you the possibility to interact with future and existing users throughout the buildings life cycle.

Mäusebunker a game to test future use
A picture of model of Nobelberget for a tender presentation
The Villa Savoye our beloved showcase building
A rowhouse project showing the potential though the sales process
Sigfridsbrgsskolan our digital twin in Nacka, Stockholm
Nacka 4 - a virtual reality showroom created for Oscar Property

Nobelberget in Stockholm

The Scharc architecture office found a new way how technology can be used presenting their workflow to a potential client.

Sigfridsborgsskolan in Nacka

Kids and teachers exploring their school before it even opened and during pandemic restrictions.

Villa Savoye

Our beloved showcase building which we used to study functionality and test our ideas for the development of BuildingCloud's Experience.


A building with the need of a new functionality.

Marketing rowhouses

Showcasing your development projects for potential buyers make it easy to reach people and raise interest before its even build.

Nacka 4 - VR showroom

We created a Nacka 4 - VR showroom apartment in 2017 for an fun experience at the companies after work.

Sigfridsborgs sporthall in Nacka

Kids and teachers exploring their sporthall during construction.

“The threshold for accessing the models needs to be lowered so that everyone can participate. Easy access and traceability create trust in the models, which is fundamental for everyone to be able to use them, be it in design, procurement, production or even management," says Sven Staiger, architect and CEO of Scharc Group.