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Experience the future!
A solution that lets you experience buildings as if they were already built via streaming in your browser.

BuildingExperience is a service that enables design teams, construction companies, owners and users to experience buildings as if they were already built. The information comes directly from BIM design tools. Visit and walk through spaces and inspect the design from a user perspective. Review and test several options to identify and resolve potential issues by collaborating on projects in real time via browser streaming.

Design phase:

Test drive buildings before they are built.

Experiencing the future building in a realistic virtual environment allows everyone to participate in the design process, regardless of prior knowledge. It helps to create a common goal with clear objectives to set the right expectations from the start and ensure that everyone knows what the building will look like. This saves time and money by reducing the risk of late changes and design errors. Collaborate and evaluate different design concepts from the very beginning. Start with how the building fits into the neighborhood using simple cubes, followed by facade variations with different window arrangements and the architect's preset materials and colors. Interior designs can be tested with preset variations that change wall coloring, flooring, lighting, and furniture.

City Development:

Building cities with you, for you!

For a more transparent and inclusive city development process, involving citizens early in the process is key. With a digital twin, proposed developments can be visualized to show what the area could look like. Citizens can be invited to visit, interact, and comment on them. By incorporating these insights into development plans, transparency and trust can be created and cities can become more liveable and adapted to people's needs.

Construction Phase:

Bridging the gap between office and site

Improve construction accuracy by providing workers with an at-a-glance visualization of the building design, reducing the risk of errors and deviations. Workers on site can immediately see what the building should look like and check how it should be built by reviewing technical information directly from the models. Measurements can be taken to verify that everything is in the right place. By conducting a pre-defined digital safety briefing before visiting a construction site, workers and visitors can be made aware of potential hazards and learn how to prevent accidents.

Marketing and Sales:

Transform real estate viewings into immersive experiences

Clients can be taken on inspiring journeys through commercial and residential buildings with immersive tours that showcase public and private spaces. It is easy and quick to get an overview of the buildings and to browse through the available listings. Custom experiences allow clients to plan and personalize spaces to their own preferences before they even step foot in it. Various interior design choices, such as wall colors, floor coverings, and furniture arrangements, can be tested before they are actually built.