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Why BuildingCloud? Enable data-driven projects with the power of the AI-supported holistic digital twin

Revolutionize real estate with our AI-enhanced BIM-based Digital Twins. This tool breaks barriers, uniting architects, builders, and owners in seamless collaboration.

Focused on usability and transparency, it fosters trust and synergizes people, processes, and systems at every phase. Embrace this innovation for cost-effective, sustainable, and digitalized building solutions.

Go green and save costs with digitized real estate

Tackle knowledge loss, rising construction costs and higher targets for carbon neutral buildings across the entire building life cycle with BIM-based digital twins linked to reality.

Empower your team to take on any project with confidence

Simplify project management with our user-friendly and intuitive solution, designed for everyone, regardless of experience, to connect data silos and promote inclusive practices. No need for extensive training.

Get the information you need, when you need it

Anytime, anywhere access and quick search capabilities make it easy to find information. With smart documents, you never have to worry about outdated information and automated file scanning ensures fast and easy browsing.

What is BuildingCloud?

BuildingCloud is an open BIM-based Digital Twin platform designed to connect data silos and close the loop of a building's life cycle.

It is developed from the industry, for the industry to provide a central space for all project stakeholders to access relevant project data, collaborate and unlock their genius. At its core is the integrated BIM model, continuously enriched with metadata and connected to reality through real-time IoT sensors. Depending on the requirements, it can be viewed as a list, in 2D, in 3D and experienced in VR.

Key Benefits

Holistic solution

Digital information system that adapts to your needs.

Agile collaboration with BIM support.

Workflow with BIM based Digital Twins enabling.

Technical property management

Smart Building

Central hub

Connecting data silos.

Easy to access for anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

No installation required.

Control access based on the user's role.

Open platform

No platform lock-in.

Export and download your data whenever you want.

Integration of a wide range of third-party solutions, such as IoT sensors and intelligent construction services.

Rest API.

Benefits throughout the building lifecycle

Digital twins can help in design and construction, as well as in maintaining buildings and cities more efficiently, thus reducing their environmental impact. The integrated workflow built around the BIM model has the potential to dramatically increase the efficiency and quality of the design and construction process.

It also reduces construction waste and the risk of errors. Especially in the operational phase, sensors and wearables play a strategic role in the use of digital twins, and their implementation leads to increased operational efficiency, providing data for faster risk assessment, real-time monitoring, and better team collaboration. Feedback loops can further enhance the benefits of digital twins in real estate by implementing automated and efficient knowledge transfer and experience feedback of all information collected from all stakeholders during the design, construction, and management phases.

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BuildingCloud | Design

Integrated workflow based on the BIM model

Streamlined collaboration between industry stakeholders

Linked data silos

Common vision

Visualization and analysis of models in early project stages

Learn more about Design

BuildingCloud | Build

Reduced risk of construction errors

More efficient production process

Create safer working environments

Less construction waste

Reduction of carbon footprint during construction

Easy transfer of the digital twin to the management phase

Learn more about Build

BuildingCloud | Manage

More efficient property management

Cost savings through optimization of operation, maintenance and use of space

Lower climate impact

Improved user experience

Learn more about Manage

Main features


Your building at a glance! View and manage building information such as type, storeys, address, and contact person.

‍With real-time IoT sensor data, building managers can quickly gain insights into key metrics such as temperature, humidity, energy onsumption, and occupancy to make informed decisions.

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BIM Vision Plus

One central location to view, analyze and collaborate on multidisciplinary BIM models.

View BIM models with ease and access detailed model information. Analyze and compare models, measure and perform visual analysis using simple color schemes. Collaborate seamlessly with project stakeholders by sharing custom views, sections and elevations. Annotate directly on the BIM model with sketches, create issues, and ask questions for an improved workflow.

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Improve construction with real-time data, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Sensors and wearable devices monitor conditions, equipment and workers. Predictive maintenance and automated workflows ensure on-time delivery and cost savings. BIM integration enhances project planning and construction. Adopting IoT transforms the industry, bringing data and technology to the building process

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Document Manager

Centralize documents in one place and share them easily and securely with project stakeholders.

With anytime, anywhere access and quick search capabilities, you can quickly find the information you need. Get even faster access with BuildingCloud Bridge which appears in your system as a network drive. Review documents, ask questions, and delegate work with issues and sketches. Outdated documents are a thing of the past with versioning and history tracking.

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Workflow Manager

Get a quick overview of your project's progress and stay on track with real-time collaboration.

Easily delegate work between project stakeholders and within the organization using issues and tasks. Connect sketches, custom views, sections, and elevations to improve communication and reduce misunderstandings. Use the Timeline to easily track progress. Get a quick history of each issue. When was it created? What tasks were added, and who worked on what?

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Save time and improve the way you make decisions. Centralize questions and answers connected to the building in one place.

Stay up to date and share your knowledge to improve the project. Go through open questions during meetings, review answers and make informed decisions.Ideal for remote teams, it keeps everyone on the same page regardless of physical location.

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Visual Planner

Ensure an efficient project flow and meet deadlines with pull planning, a lean methodology that starts with a clear goal.

Breaks it down into achievable milestones, aligned with other relevant disciplines. By planning the project backwards, this process helps to identify potential obstacles and plan for project delivery early in the design phase.

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Quickly find the information you need in a central location that captures all building communications.

Eliminate the need to search through multiple email accounts and prevent knowledge loss when people leave the project. Focus on the building, not the organization. Ensure everyone is on the same page by easily linking elevations, sections, 2D or 3D views, issues, questions and documents

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Time Tracker

Track time, analyze performance, and make data-driven decisions.

Project stakeholders can log time spent on tasks and view personal time reports. Detailed time tracking enables projects to analyze performance, identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. Within an organization, time and absence logs can be used as journals for invoicing and payroll systems. Easily export data to third-party solutions via spreadsheets.

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Tailor packages to meet the needs of your target group. Provide just the right amount of information.

Choose between a range of documents such as project instructions, VDC manuals, protocols, models, drawings, visualizations, issues, questions, rooms, object lists, devices and information about companies. Packaging can be used during the procurement process, enabling accurate budgets using BIM-based information. It can also be used to lock project milestones from feasibility studies to as-built documents. Offer easy access to interested stakeholders or download and share packages.

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Quickly view rooms and analyze properties, connected issues and questions.

Save time and keep rooms up to date with an automated extraction from IFC models. Assess room locations in 2D or 3D and save costly square meters by optimizing building flow and creating symbiosis between rooms. Check if the current design meets the specified room requirements. Create, export, and share room programs with just one click.

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Building Elements

Gain insight into building elements such as windows and doors, view product specifications, and view their location in a list format or in a 2D or 3D representation.

Building elements are automatically extracted from the IFC model and are always up to date. Check if the current building elements meet the specified requirements. Easily create, export, and share comprehensive lists of building elements with a single click.

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Object Lists

Create your own BIM model-based object lists for a comprehensive overview of objects. View and export objects in a list grouped by floor.

Filter by element types such as walls or columns, or by properties such as noise, fire rating, or load bearing walls. Lists are automatically updated and show information based on the latest model version.

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Empower your organization with our people and role based access system.

Streamline your workflow by creating teams and assigning roles to users based on their skills and responsibilities. Stay informed and engaged with notifications tailored to your specific disciplines and interests. Our platform enhances collaboration by facilitating teamwork and knowledge sharing through discipline-based user experiences. With the ability to customize access to various categories, you have the flexibility to optimize your work processes.

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Get even faster and easier access to the information you need by seamlessly integrating building data from the cloud with local systems.

This allows users to maintain their established workflows while providing quick access to up-to-date information, improving productivity and workflow efficiency.

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What are Digital Twins and what are their benefits?

We believe that the best concept to meet the needs of the real estate industry is the Digital Twins concept.

A digital twin is a virtual copy of a physical product, process or system. It is a digital representation of a building, which connects the physical and virtual worlds through the combined use of digital technologies; IoT, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

By leveraging sensor data and other forms of data, digital twins can simulate real-world scenarios, enabling data-driven decision making and analysis. This leads to improved efficiency, optimized performance, and better collaboration among stakeholders. It's important to use digital twins throughout the entire life cycle of a property to make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement. Implementing digital twins can help real estate stakeholders maximize their investments and improve overall property performance.

BuildingCloud's holistic Digital Twin based on BIM

Simplify project management with our user-friendly and intuitive solution, design a number of different platforms and tools can be used to create a holistic digital twin. 

In the design phase, the digital twin can be used for virtual design and construction (VDC) meetings across disciplines. It can help identify potential clashes between architectural and construction models. 
During the building construction phase
, the digital twin can be used for prefabrication of modules in the factory and for on-site installation by the construction company. 
As the building moves into its operational phase
, the same data can be used for technical facility management.
For example, to report maintenance issues such as a broken elevator. It can also be used to enhance the functionality of coworking spaces. For example, users can reserve desks and adjust air quality. With such a wide range of applications, there is a need for a number of specialist solutions that are each great at what they do. The holistic twin brings them all together and represents the building in the most complete way possible e.g. for everyone, regardless of experience, to connect data silos and promote inclusive practices. No need for extensive training.

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What phase are your buildings in?


  • Integrated workflow based on the BIM model
  • Streamlined collaboration between industry stakeholders
  • Linked data silos
  • Common vision
  • Visualization and analysis of models in early project stages
Learn more about Design


  • Reduced risk of construction errors
  • More efficient production process
  • Create safer working environments
  • Less construction waste
  • Reduction of carbon footprint during construction
  • Easy transfer of the digital twin to the management phase
Learn more about Build


  • More efficient property management
  • Cost savings through optimisation of operation, maintenance and use of space
  • Lower climate impact
  • Improved user experience
Learn more about Manage


During refurbishment you can use the power of the connected Design, Build and Manage phases

We understand the struggle

Let us make your digital real estate journey hassle-free - So you can focus on what you are best at!

Our mission is to assist you in the digital real estate journey, providing the necessary support and guidance for a seamless and stress-free experience towards your desired outcome. BuildingCloud Services offer a wide range of innovative solutions that can make a difference to your real estate. Whether you need to turn an idea into an immersive game, a point cloud scan into a sophisticated BIM model, or gain insight into your property with Smart Building, we have you covered.

Hire an expert

We provide you with professionals across multiple disciplines to enable you to achieve your goals with excellence.

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Different users inside the BuildingExperience of Sigfridsborgsskolan showing how the Multyplayer functionality works


An experience that allows architects, engineers, construction companies, owners and all other interested people to experience buildings as if they were already built, in real time, via streaming in their browser.

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Provide easy access to project information on-site to keep your team in the loop and improve cross collaboration between the office and the construction site.

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Life cycle analysis (LCA)

Our experts provide CO2 calculation and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis to organizations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

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BIM Services

Smart Building

Lease your BIM-model

Want to digitalize your real estate but don't have a BIM model? 
No problem - our services can help by leasing one and creating a digital twin of your building.

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Keep your BIM-model alive

Maintain the trust in your BIM-model and skip the extra cost of hiring expensive consultants just to get some basic information. A subscription plan with continuous updates to keep your BIM-model up-to-date.

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Sense your building

Together with our partners, we can help you identify your needs and create an IoT package that delivers the information you need.

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Localize all

Improve your productivity with indoor localization. Access information faster based on your location, so you can work more efficiently-whether you're on a construction site or maintaining buildings.

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Our Partners

Joining forces for greater impact

In today's interconnected world, collaboration with partners is essential to success. By joining forces with others, we can leverage each other's strengths and expertise. This leads to greater innovation, added value and impact.

Smart Construction refers to using advanced technologies and data analytics to improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of building projects. A variety of technologies, including building information modeling (BIM), sensors, drones, and artificial intelligence, can be used in smart

Discover the advantages of Smart Buildings, where real-time data drives informed decision-making, optimizes facility management, and improves tenant satisfaction. As a result, you can not only increase the value of your property and demonstrate environmental responsibility, but also stand out in the competitive real estate landscape. Integrating indoor localization along with BIM-models and IoT sensors into Digital Twins innovates facility management and the user experience.

El-Björn provides power, lighting and climate control products and services to the construction industry to create efficient, sustainable and safe working environments. “The integration with BuildingCloud allows us to provide an even better experience for our customers with easy access to real-time measurements from the field. Depending on the customer's needs, measurements from our connected machines can be viewed in the BIM model in 2D or 3D, or as a list or graph by room or by machine. Customers can place machines directly in the BIM model with a simple drag-and-drop interface, or have machines placed automatically with the localization feature," says Christian Harström, Head of Product at El-Björn.
Ubiqisense specializes in using real-time and historical occupancy and space utilization data collected by its sensors to reduce costs and improve the sustainability of buildings. "We know how the space is being used, and BuildingCloud has the model and data about the space itself. With BuildingCloud, we extend our services and become part of the holistic digital twin, including the integrated model and technical documentation, as well as other IoT devices that provide real-time measurements. This opens up new opportunities for facility management to reduce costs, for example through usage-based cleaning or occupancy-based energy reduction", says Christian Galle, Chief Commercial Officer at Ubiqisense.
Brinja is a leading tech firm that enhances safety, efficiency, and sustainability in construction sites, helping businesses to cut costs. It offers real-time environmental insights like dust, gas, and noise levels, promoting a controlled and safe workspace, and ensuring compliance with environmental standards. Additionally, it has a comprehensive evacuation system for emergencies, further boosting safety measures. All these features are conveniently available via a user-friendly app, allowing flexible and efficient workspace control and monitoring from any location.
Airthings provides a solution for facility managers and building owners to remotely monitor and optimize their buildings to improve indoor air quality, increase energy efficiency, and save time. "We have the knowledge of the current and historical condition of the spaces in the building. From dust particles, CO2, humidity and temperature to light, noise and even radon, we measure 12 air quality factors in one scalable solution. With BuildingCloud, we can extend what we know into the future. Building elements with product information, such as lifetime, from the BIM model, combined with IoT sensors that capture conditions, enables predictive maintenance beyond traditional facility management," says Pär Pärsson, Business Development & Partner Management UK / SE / FI.
Sensative offers innovative IoT solutions, aiming to simplify the launch and scalability of large-scale IoT implementations. They emphasize the importance of data accessibility and interoperability, aiming to break down system silos and remove technological and vendor lock-ins. Their flagship product, Yggio DiMS®, addresses the lack of standardization and varying data quality in IoT, enhancing collaboration and data quality assurance across industries. Additionally, Sensative provides a variety of IoT sensors, such as the Strips sensor and the Box Radon LoRaWAN, for diverse applications including environmental monitoring and safety.
Celsicom Easy Connect is a remote monitoring system that simplifies measuring key parameters like temperature, humidity, and more. Its unique feature is the independence from base stations, power outlets, and complex installation processes due to its battery-powered sensors with built-in SIM cards. The system uses the superior NB-IoT network, ensuring reliable, uninterrupted connection for consistent monitoring and data collection across various environments.

Digital Twins based on BIM are the key to a fully digitalized real estate industry, enabling a seamless connection between the physical and virtual worlds. They provide numerous benefits, including improved collaboration, better decision-making, increased efficiency, and optimized performance throughout a building's lifespan. However, since BIM models are essential to the creation of digital twins, the lack of BIM models can be a challenge for real estate digitalization. For accurate and reliable digital twins, keeping BIM models up to date even after they are created is essential. Fortunately, our experts can help you overcome this challenge by creating and maintaining BIM models that unlock the full potential of your properties.

At BuildingCloud, we're committed to research that goes beyond the immediate benefits. We understand the importance of sharing knowledge with the industry and future real estate professionals. Research allows us to continually innovate and adapt our digital information system to ensure it remains relevant to evolving customer needs. By actively engaging in research, we not only provide a more powerful and flexible tool for our users, but also contribute to the development of smarter, sustainable and connected building solutions that benefit the industry as a whole.

Scharc Group
Linköpings universitet
Smart Built Environment
Scharc is a progressive architecture firm that uses technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Digital Twins (DT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to design and deliver cost effective, sustainable and innovative buildings. Their approach includes data-driven architectural design to test, analyze, and compare different design solutions in a virtual environment from early project stages. They also provide integrated design and construction management with visual and user-driven testing. Scharc works with construction companies and owners to focus on designing buildings that are adaptable to life cycle challenges and sustainability requirements.
BIMProve is a provider of comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) services. They specialize in architectural and interior modeling, coordination with other disciplines, and visualization. Their services include constant communication and rapid project adjustments based on feedback. Their BIM models excel at coordinating with other disciplines, identifying clashes in the design phase, and preventing errors in the field. They also provide accurate schedules and detailed 3D views for a holistic BIM lifecycle experience. Their Scan2BIM service converts point clouds into accurate BIM models for projects of all sizes.
Cetopo provides high quality landscape models with precise algorithms from various data sources. Their platform, which covers all of Finland and Sweden, combines simplicity with accuracy, allowing for quick site selection and download. It supports a wide range of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, including Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Rhino, and many others. Seamlessly integrate customizable files into existing workflows and quickly visualize new projects to improve communication and collaboration with clients.
Martin Rudberg och Ahmet Sezer are from Linköping University and part of our research projects under Smart Building Environement
BuildingCloud, along with NCC, El-Björn and Brinja, partnered with SBE's testbeds, namely "Connected construction site" and "Digital transformation of construction sites", in collaboration with Linköping University as the academic leader. Through this partnership, the BuildingCloud team had the opportunity to give guest lectures and conduct a lab at Linköping University, focusing on emerging trends in the real estate industry, especially in construction. The lectures and lab covered various topics such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), the principles and practical implementation of Digital Twins, and the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the construction sector. The main objective was to explore the integration of these advanced technologies and methodologies into real-world construction scenarios.
BuildingCloud, NCC, El-Björn and Brinja have partnered with SBE's "Connected Construction Site" and "Digital Transformation of Construction Sites" testbeds, which are under the academic leadership of Linköping University. They focus on digital methods to improve safety, logistics and productivity in construction. One notable achievement is the development of a digital twin that collects various data accessible via smartphones, tablets and screens on site. The goal is to improve the working environment, reduce climate impact, and increase productivity. The collaboration has created an ecosystem of companies with complementary capabilities that create value for stakeholders.

Our customers

Joining forces for greater impact

BuildingCloud has proven to be a versatile and effective solution for customers in a wide range of construction projects. 
- From schools and orphanages to swimming pools, from early feasibility studies to operational buildings. -

Nacka Kommun
"BuildingCloud helps us a lot with the energy refurbishment of our buildings. The easy access to the building models and documents enables me and my colleagues to better understand the planned construction measures. This makes it easier for us to make decisions and we can easily follow the planning and construction process at any time without having to meet or make phone calls. All parties involved, architects, planners, trades, etc., also work independently in this system and have access to the current models and information, which makes planning the work much easier and saves time."
"Being able to walk around the school virtually gives you a completely different insight than just looking at a drawing. You get a much better sense of the building, of the rooms, and of the environment.  [...] With the help of the game, teachers and educators can 'visit' the school with students before they move-in. This creates a great understanding that reassures students before a big change. It also encourages students to 'visit' the school themselves in a fun way and in a medium they are familiar with. The game offers great opportunities!"
"We have used BuildingCloud to simplify and streamline the work with our Ekobad concept development. Since we own and manage swimming and wellness facilities, it is extra important to build sustainably and not save on the wrong things. Using case management and easy access to BIM models, we were able to get a clear picture of how the work was progressing and maintain control of the project at all times. To experience, understand and test different concepts we have used BuildingExperience, which has been an important part of the tender process for Myrsjö simhall in Nacka."

Who we've worked with