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Features and tools

All about Me. My dashboard.

This is where you start and where it’s all about you. Here you can see what’s happening in your buildings and companies.

The dashboard for adding your information

My Network Drive.

The BuildingCloud plattform is accessible in many ways. Here we explain how to connect a network drive on your PC. Please contyact us if you want to do the same on your Mac.

Network Drive
Activate the network drive
Download the setup file
Setup the network drive on your computer
Click on “More info” to proceed
Click on “Run anyway” to begin installation
Click “Yes” to install your network drive
Log in to your BuildingCloud directly on your local machine
Click close to complete. You’re all done.
Access the network drive locally
Your buildings on your drive
Access all your documents, drawings and models.

My buildings.

A simple way to enter your building. Just one click and you’re in.

An overview of all your building projects

My hours and issues.

All the logged hours from your buildings and companies in one spot. To get an overview over your issues, go the second tab.

An overview of my logged hours
An overview of my issues

My questions and decisions.

A convenient overview of all the questions assigned to you and waiting to be answered.

An overview of all your questions
A list of all decisions you’ve participated in

My contacts.

All your contacts, to connect beyond projects.

All your contacts you have connected to in one place

My companies and groups.

A list of all your companies and groups. Just one click and you’re in.

An overview of all companies and groups you’re a part of

My conversations.

All the conversations you’re involved in.

An overview of all your conversations

This was an overview over the “My Space”. Go ahead Company or Building.