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Our mission is to assist you in the digital real estate journey, providing the necessary support and guidance for a seamless and stress-free experience towards your desired outcome.

BuildingCloud Services offer a wide range of innovative solutions that can make a difference to your real estate.

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Stop searching and start solving

We provide you with professionals across multiple disciplines to enable you to achieve your goals with excellence. Whether you need to turn an idea into an immersive game, a point cloud scan into a sophisticated BIM model, or gain insight into your property with Smart Building, we have you covered.

Struggling with digital transformation?

There’s an expert for that!

We offer a range of digital services to support your digital journey, but we understand that sometimes these services may not fully meet your needs. That's why we created “Hire an Expert”. By sharing your goals, we can tailor a service just for you. Need help with your digital twin on BuildingCloud? Or an architect to optimize or enrich your models with data? Perhaps setting up sensors? Our team of experts is ready to assist. Let us help you take your digital journey to the next level.


Experience the future!
A solution that lets you experience buildings as if they were already built via streaming in your browser.

BuildingExperience is a service that enables design teams, construction companies, owners and users to experience buildings as if they were already built. The information comes directly from BIM design tools. Visit and walk through spaces and inspect the design from a user perspective. Review and test several options to identify and resolve potential issues by collaborating on projects in real time via browser streaming.

Design phase:

Test drive buildings before they are built.

Experiencing the future building in a realistic virtual environment allows everyone to participate in the design process, regardless of prior knowledge. It helps to create a common goal with clear objectives to set the right expectations from the start and ensure that everyone knows what the building will look like. This saves time and money by reducing the risk of late changes and design errors. Collaborate and evaluate different design concepts from the very beginning. Start with how the building fits into the neighborhood using simple cubes, followed by facade variations with different window arrangements and the architect's preset materials and colors. Interior designs can be tested with preset variations that change wall coloring, flooring, lighting, and furniture.

City Development:

Building cities with you, for you!

For a more transparent and inclusive city development process, involving citizens early in the process is key. With a digital twin, proposed developments can be visualized to show what the area could look like. Citizens can be invited to visit, interact, and comment on them. By incorporating these insights into development plans, transparency and trust can be created and cities can become more liveable and adapted to people's needs.

Construction Phase:

Bridging the gap between office and site

Improve construction accuracy by providing workers with an at-a-glance visualization of the building design, reducing the risk of errors and deviations. Workers on site can immediately see what the building should look like and check how it should be built by reviewing technical information directly from the models. Measurements can be taken to verify that everything is in the right place. By conducting a pre-defined digital safety briefing before visiting a construction site, workers and visitors can be made aware of potential hazards and learn how to prevent accidents.

Marketing and Sales:

Transform real estate viewings into immersive experiences

Clients can be taken on inspiring journeys through commercial and residential buildings with immersive tours that showcase public and private spaces. It is easy and quick to get an overview of the buildings and to browse through the available listings. Custom experiences allow clients to plan and personalize spaces to their own preferences before they even step foot in it. Various interior design choices, such as wall colors, floor coverings, and furniture arrangements, can be tested before they are actually built.


Linking office and construction site

Provide easy access to project information on-site to keep your team in the loop andimprove cross collaboration between the office and the construction site


Keep your team in the loop

Minimize problems during the construction process, such as incorrect material orders, construction errors, and delays caused by inaccurate or incomplete documentation. With BuildingBox, everyone on site has easy access to accurate, complete, and consistent building documentation, including BIM models and drawings. The construction team can review the model with BIM Vision Plus to see technical details and experience the future building with BuildingExperience before it's built to make sure it's right.

Construction management:

Build with confidence

Ensure smooth project execution and minimize misunderstandings. Effective change management can prevent delays and cost overruns due to client requests or unforeseen issues. Identifying potential issues, evaluating the impact of changes, and making necessary adjustments to the plan, schedule, and budget requires well-defined communication and frequent updates to ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding any changes.

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) supported by BIM

Making your sustainability goals a reality!

Our experts provide carbon footprint calculations and life cycle assessment analyzesfor companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

Climate declaration:

Master your climate declaration with ease

Governments mandate companies to disclose environmental impact, meet sustainability targets, and declare climate impacts to combat climate change. Conducting such analyses can improve the efficiency and reduce the operating costs of buildings. For new buildings, mandatory declarations lead to reduced resource use, waste and construction costs. Life cycle assessment based on the use of BIM models is key to quantifying embodied carbon and ensuring that you can easily manage your climate declarations.

Informed decision-making:

Track your carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of a building is influenced during the design, construction, and operations phases. Building orientation, layout, and materials impact emissions, as do energy use and transportation during construction. In operation, energy use for heating, cooling, and lighting, and water usage also affect emissions.. However, obtaining carbon impact data is challenging as carbon analyses are infrequent, making it difficult to track changes and make informed decisions. To address this issue, regular monitoring is essential for informed decision-making throughout a building's life cycle


Creating the backbone for your Digital Twin

Digital Twins based on BIM are the key to a fully digitalized real estate industry, enabling a seamless connection between the physical and virtual worlds. They provide numerous benefits, including improved collaboration, better decision-making, increased efficiency, and optimized performance throughout a building's lifespan. However, since BIM models are essential to the creation of digital twins, the lack of BIM models can be a challenge for real estate digitalization. For accurate and reliable digital twins, keeping BIM models up to date even after they are created is essential. Fortunately, our experts can help you overcome this challenge by creating and maintaining BIM models that unlock the full potential of your properties.

Need a BIM model for your digital twin?

Lease your BIM-model!

Are you looking to digitalize your real estate but don't have a BIM model? With “Lease your BIM model” you can rent one and create a Digital Twin of your building. Submit the existing documentation of your building, and we'll develop your BIM model which you can access by using “BuildingCloud | Manage”. After the mandatory usage period, you can download BIM models, documents and data at no additional cost. Start using your digital twin in three easy steps and explore new business opportunities!

Want to digitalize your real estate but don't have a BIM model?

Keep your BIM-model alive!

Maintain the trust in your Digital Twin, save time and skip the reliance on expensive consultants which often leads to extra cost just to get some basic information. “Keep your BIM-model alive!” is a cost-effective subscription plan to keep your BIM-model up-to-date. With regular model updates and easy access through BuildingCloud, the integrity of your digital twin is preserved throughout its lifecycle. We are here to maintain your BIM-model's accuracy, dependability, and value.

Smart building

The key to sustainable and efficient real estate

Discover the advantages of Smart Buildings, where real-time data drives informed decision-making, optimizes facility management, and improves tenant satisfaction. As a result, you can not only increase the value of your property and demonstrate environmental responsibility, but also stand out in the competitive real estate landscape. Integrating indoor localization along with BIM-models and IoT sensors into Digital Twins innovates facility management and the user experience. With room-level indoor positioning, effortlessly access information and pinpoint your location within the building.

Understand and optimize:

Sense your building

Your specific needs are our number one priority, which is why we offer customizable packages. Whether you're looking to maintain optimal indoor air quality or improve building utilization, there are many different sensors available, including thermostats, occupancy sensors, and magnetic contact sensors. Uncertain about your needs? Let us help you define your needs. Once that's done, we'll create a package that includes a variety of sensors. Along with the sensors, you will need a BuildingCloud subscription plan in order to have access to the collected data.

Positioning system:

Information that finds you

Whether you're in the field constructing or maintaining buildings, improve your productivity with our room-level positioning system. Get faster access to information based on your location. Depending on the needs or construction phase of the building, you can use zones or rooms as positioning levels. Based on your role, time and location, BuildingCloud can assist and notify you about your daily tasks