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With BuildingCloud's Services and Experts at your finger tips you have the possibility to connect existing IoT or get a BIM model with no start up cost. We support you with CO2 calculations or how to place sensors in your building to get out the full potential of your buildings digital twin,

Different users inside the BuildingExperience of Sigfridsborgsskolan showing how the Multyplayer functionality works
A group of different disciplines in a building projects which represent the companies and groups in the BuildingCloud
An illustration of a building and its senor data illustrated with an BIM model

A subscription for continues update of your model with the input of your maintenance team.
This is done with the help of our friend from BIMprove in the Ukraine.

Together with experts from Scharc and Spinview we can calculate the CO2 footprint of your building with the help of your BIM model. Get our help to get started working for Net Zero and green loans.

Lease your BIM model

You own a building and want to start a digital twin to maintain your building more effectively, but you don't want to spend a lot of money to create a BIM model based on IFC?
Find out how we can help you create your BIM model, with no initial costs.

Three steps away from your BIM model

Experience your design

Are you sure your building meets your design requirements? Together with our friends at Scharc, you and your colleagues can simultaneously visit the future building online in a hyper-realistic virtual environment.

Working with buildings makes us team players. We want to connect to others to use and connect their data when it's needed.
As part of this industry we also want to give back so we created an API to be able to do this.

We created our own SmartHelmet, which uses indoor localization on constructions sites to improve the work environment.
Based on indoor localization we can help you maintain your building with our Smartphone app which shares information from BIM and documents based on where you are inside your building.

Together with sensor producers from Airthing, Senasative, Celsicom and Ubiquisense which are all connected to our platform we can help you to sense your building in real time and connect air quality, utilization to your BIM model for using your digital twin with predictive maintenance and many more uses.

Most architects and organizations in the building industry work with BIM, but in case you need help to get started we can connect you to our experts which know how models have to be made and filled with information to easily connect. They can help you on your digitalization journey to get the your full potential out of your digital twin.