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The BuildingCloud unlocks your potential and streamlines your processes within your team and all stakeholders of your project throughout the buildings life cycle.

We offer some great tips on how to get started as well as how to make the best of the tools available.

We empower your digital real estate strategy.

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A picture of Tor Bykka which represents the user in the BuildingCloud

Company and Groups Space

We work together.

We share our work and responsibility. Only as an integrated team we can achieve the best results.

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My Space - All about me

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Tor Bykka. I will show you around and support you to do great!

Let's get you started!

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The Digital Twin - your buildings space

I am a building.

I want to be the center of everyone’s attention. I will show you my needs to become truly sustainable.

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The Villa Savouy which represents the building projects
A group of different disciplines in a building projects which represent the companies and groups in the BuildingCloud